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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

What To Do With Tibetan Milk Mushroom

About Tibetan Milk Mushroom I wrote just in my previous posts. Open this second post too: The Secrets Of The Health I Learned. This theme was suddenly interesting for many persons. :0))) And I thought, nobody knows about it...
Some of my readers asked me to explane how to cure this culture. I could not write about it because I had not much of the mushroom and had to wait it grows enough. Now I have some photos and post them here for you.

There is an important rule to follow:
never use metal.
The second is an important condition:
to grow, it needs warm place and air to breath.
Because it is too cold in my house, I bought a yoghurt machine.

Тибетский Молочный Гриб

I don't close it completly, as you see on the photo. This way, I think, it has enough air to breath.
After 10 hours (more or less) my fermented milk is ready. Here is how it looks:

Тибетский Молочный Гриб

I use only clotted part because I noticed, the whey is not good for my digestion. And I needed 3-4 days at the beginning that my organism accepts this type of yoghurt.

Тибетский Молочный Гриб

When the yoghurt is in the cup, I wash the milk mushroom with cold water and here it is just washed:

Тибетский Молочный Гриб

I prepare cold milk in the microwave cooker, throw tibetan milk mushroom in it and put it in the yoghurt machine.

Тибетский Молочный Гриб

All this you have to do every day. If you have to go away for some days, you have to wash your Tibetan Milk Mushroom with cold water and put it in the fridge.

This is all you have to know about the Tibetan Milk Mushroom. They say, it is very good for all digestive system. But you have to eat this yoghurt for long time to see the results.


  1. Thanks for the share. It really looks yummy, but It seems I cant find where to buy Milk Mushrooms. Do you know any online retailer that sells one?

    Thanks in advance


    1. unfortunately you dont buy the mushroom, someone has to give it to you. I know several folks that have it, including myself.

  2. Hi, Owe, as for me, I found a german reseller searching in Google for "Tibetan Milk Mushroom". They send very little quantity, about 1-2, for 25 or 29 euro (I don't remember precisely).

    I would send you mine, but in this cold period it does not grow, unfortunatelly. I'm sorry.

  3. Oh, I haven't heard of a yoghurt machine!

  4. Hi Liudmila, I was very surprised to read that you pay for the mashroom. we, in Israel, give it to any one who needs it for free. this is the "rule" and I think it has more blessing!
    The mashroom grows anyway, why not help others?

  5. Hi, lavender,
    Well, everybody has to survive. Probably those persons in Germany have not other possibility to earn. The problem was they send soooo little quantity, that is hard to grow it. I found than a person that gave me it for free and so could have finally my fermented milk. :-)

  6. Hi! I'm familiar with kombucha and know of water or milk kefir. Isn't this the same as milk kefir?

    Milk kefir, so they say, originates from Tibet. And the way both are treated is very similar.

    Looking for milk kefir is easy ;-)

  7. I don't know sincerely if it is the same product.

  8. Can this be shipped? My father in law has some and wants to send to us, but not sure how to package properly so it won't die. He is going to overnight. Any suggestions?